304 Grade Stainless Steel Wall Tiles. (4mm thick non MDF backed type)
The tiles come with a protective vinyl film which should be removed before fitting.

Make sure the surface to be tiled is clean and dry with no loose plaster or paint etc.
For dusty surfaces such as bare plasterboard or MDF it is recommended to prime the surface with a PVA based primer.

The tiles can be fitted in two ways;

    1,   Lay a 3 to 4 mm bed of tiles adhesive on the wall using a spatula or trowel. Then just gently press on each tile (noting the grain direction) wipe off any excess adhesive with a soft damp cloth.

Or 2,  Apply the tile adhesive directly to the rear of each tile using a spatula. This method is slightly more time consuming but less messy..

If you intend to grout the tiles (not strictly necessary with stainless steel tiles) Using the supplied plastic tile spacers will give a grout line of around 3mm - these can be left in situ and grouted over - make sure the tile spacers are pushed well back to allow room for the grout.
Butting the tiles together without spacers will give a grout line of around 1mm. (As of 2015 we no longer supply the tile spacers as most customers prefer the thinner grout line made by butting the tiles directly  together - but if  you want the spacers included just ask when you order.)
Leave the tiles for at least 24 hours before grouting.

Most types of ceramic or porcelain tile grouts of suitable for these tiles but make sure you use a good quality flexible grout.

Please be careful when removing any excess grout from the tiles as some grouts are very abrasive and can actually scratch the surface of the tiles.

To remove dried on adhesive or grout use a soft cloth soaked in turpentine or paint thinners.  
These stainless steel wall tiles will stick to most surfaces including brick, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, wood and plywood.  It is recommended to use a good quality flexible and waterproof powdered or pre mixed ceramic tile adhesive. For smooth non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal or ceramic (ie existing ceramic tiles) the surface should be dulled or roughened to give a key for the adhesive.

In addition to this please also read the instructions which come with the adhesive and grout you will be using to fit the tiles.
All Stainless-Steel Tiles are the same shade - but to create a mosaic pattern just place the tiles with the brushed grain in different directions.
The unique way the tiles reflect the light makes what looks like two different colours!

The tiles can be cut with a hacksaw or jigsaw fitted with a fine tooth (at lease 32 tpi)  metal cutting blade.  Of an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc.
You will need to file the cut edge to make it smooth.

Tiles can also be ordered pre-cut if needed.
Please email for details.
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